dreameditor.js 5.1.0

Release date: 7/20/2023

-UI changes & improvements
-File menu button changed to icon
-Line numbers are now disabled by default on first start up
-About button moved to settings
-Fixed issue where syntax mode status was shown in wrong spot
-Auto indent options removed (Due to bugs/instability)
-Unused code removed
-dreameditor.js will now warn users that line numbers is unstable on some Android devices.
-Various bug fixes for Android devices

dreameditor.js 5.0.1

Release date: 7/16/2023

-Settings UI updated

dreameditor.js 5.0.0

Release date: 7/11/2023

-Web app and Android version now supports non-intrusive ads to help support development.
(Chrome & Firefox web extensions are still supported without ads)
-Nav bar bug fixes
-Various other bug fixes

dreameditor.js 4.5.1

Release date: 6/11/2023

-Online documentation added to dreameditorjs.org

dreameditor.js 4.4.8

Release date: 6/1/2023

-Fixed dreameditor.js chrome web-extension from auto starting when chrome updates

dreameditor.js 4.4.6

Release date: 5/28/2023

-dreameditor.js will now ask user to confirm before closing app
-Bug fixes

dreameditor.js 4.4.4

Release date: 5/13/2023

-UI updated
-Typo and bug fixes

dreameditor.js 4.4.2

Release date: 4/15/2023

-Added 5 new syntax modes: c++, c#, objective-c, ruby and xquery

-dreameditorjs.org website UI updated
-fixed bug that stopped c syntax mode from loading on some web browsers
-other small changes
-various bug fixes

dreameditor.js 4.4.0

Release date: 4/14/2023

-UI changes
-Added options to turn off highlight active line.

dreameditor.js 4.3.0

Release date: 4/13/2023

-Settings UI improved
-New options added in settings
-Added reset button to restore user settings to default.
-Added More auto indent options
-Clear workspace button now has icon
-About button now has icon
-Fixed bug where python syntax mode would not load.
-Bug fixes for Chrome users
-Settings now shows which syntax mode is selected
-Syntax options now has a dedicated drop down menu in settings

-5 New syntax modes added
java, sql, livescript, coffeescript and lua

dreameditor.js 4.2.0

Release date: 4/11/2023

-More user settings like line-numbers and syntax mode are now saved even after session ends
-Settings UI improved
-other small changes

dreameditor.js 4.1.0

Release date: 4/10/2023

-User darkmode settings are now saved even after session ends
-Dark-mode improvements
-Bug fixes

dreameditor.js 4.0.2 (small bug-fixes)

Release date: 4/8/2023

-UI fixes for Firefox users
-Other small changes

dreameditor.js 4.0.0

Release date: 4/6/2023

-Beta version now has experimental section in settings
-Now installable as Firefox add-on
-Firefox web browser now fully supported
-Dark mode improved
-UI Changes

dreameditor.js 3.3.6

Release date: 3/28/2023

-Dark mode is back
-Bug fixes

dreameditor.js 3.3.3

Release date: 2/24/2023

-Version number removed from toolbar
-Various UI changes
-Bug fixes

dreameditor.js 3.3.1

Release date: 2/21/2023

-Bug fixes

dreameditor.js 3.3.0

Release date: 2/20/2023

-dreameditor.js beta now on google play store
-Android version now supports local storage access
-Bug fixes for webapp & chrome extension
-Improvements to file save/load behaviors
-UI changes
-Unused resources removed
-About updated

dreameditor.js 3.2.7 (small update)

Release date: 2/17/2023

About button added
UI changes

dreameditor.js 3.2.5

Release date: 2/5/2023

-fixed error when user cancels save
-dreameditor.js now properly asks for user to input name for new files
-Various bug fixes
-other small ui changes

dreameditor.js 3.0.1

Release date: 1/3/2023

-save file bugs fixed
-other small issues resolved

dreameditor.js 3.0.0

Release date: 12/5/2022

-New syntax modes added
c, pearl, rust, shell, powershell
vb.net, vbscript, swift, and go.

-Dark mode updated
-File button size changed
-Settings menu UI updated
-Optimizations and other bug fixes
-Chrome extension UI updated
-Chrome extension bug fixes

dreameditor.js 2.2.2

Release date: 11/12/2022

-Added new launcher pop up for chrome web extension
-Added icon launch link
-Website Launcher updated
-Nav bar size changed
-File button size changed
-other ui changes
-dreameditorjs.org website updated
-fixed crash after install for chrome web extension
-various bug fixes across all platforms

dreameditor.js 2.2.1

Release date: 11/1/2022

-nav bar updated
-other UI changes
-dreameditor.js chrome web extension bug fixes

dreameditor.js 2.2.0

Release date: 10/25/2022

-bug fixes
-webapp upgraded to manifest v3
-now installable via chrome web store

dreameditor.js 2.1.0

Release date: 8/9/2022

-Save button will now ask user to input name for new files
-Bug fixes

dreameditor.js 2.0.4

Release date: 7/5/2022

-view port fixed
-Android app version number fixed to match web version
-updated app name displayed in Android system
-ui fixes
-other small bug fixes

dreameditor.js 2.0.2

Release date: 6/22/2022

-Launcher updated
-License updated
-download link added to update log
-now on google play store

dreameditor.js 2.0.0

Release date: 5/23/2022

-webapp now installable
-new window button fixed
-License page updated
-added icon to file menu
-various bug-fixes

dreameditor.js 1.2.1

Release date: 2/28/2022

-small bug-fixes

dreameditor.js 1.2.0

Release date: 1/20/2022

-Launcher page updated
-Version number is now displayed correctly
-File menu fixes
-License page updated
-Copy/past fixes
-Donation link fixed

dreameditor.js 1.1.9

Release date: 1/1/2022

-Launcher page updated
-Settings window fixes
-Save to local storage changes
-Copy/past fixes
-Other small fixes
-License link added to launcher

dreameditor.js 1.1.0

Release date: 12/21/2021

-File menu layout changes
-Added more padding to buttons
-Theme options renamed to just theme
-Added line numbers on and off option
-Added auto indent options to settings
-Added support for dropping file directly into editor
-Settings button fixes for mouse input
-Settings window now closes properly
-Settings layout also changed

dreameditor.js 1.0.9

Release date: 12/17/2021

-Dark theme fixes
-added new settings button
-added toggle buttons for line numbers
-button color changes
-Undo history improved
-UI fixes

dreameditor.js 1.0.6

Release date: 12/17/2021

-Updated default theme
-Dark theme color fixes
-Added new syntax modes “php “python 'css
-Other small changes and bugs fixes
-Launch page download link fixed
-Launcher ui fixes
-dreameditor.js fully released under MIT license

dreameditor.js 1.0.1

Release date: 12/15/2021

-javascript and html syntax modes added
-small ui changes
-dreameditorjs.org launched

dreameditor.js 1.0.0 (full release)

Release date: 10/18/2021

-file menu size fixed
-dark mode added
-default text size changed
-bug fixes

dreameditor.js 0.0.9 (preview build)

Release date: 10/12/2021

-test features added

dreameditorjs.zip is a open source project distributed under a MIT license.

dreameditor.js official hosted webapp, Android app, chrome web extension and Firefox web-extension is proprietary.

Written in JavaScript & uses CodeMirror for syntax highlighting.

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